Speech Proficiency Assessment System

Until now, there has been no system to objectively measure conversational ability in a foreign language, making it very difficult to find talented personnel who are good at conversational skills.

The LSAT series is a test that uses AI to objectively measure this speech ability.

For companies, the visualization of speech ability enables them to hire more fluent speakers than in the past. Furthermore, by building the "JSAT-Pro Series" for each industry, it will be possible to hire personnel with even more specialized speech skills.

For candidates, it can give them a guideline as to how much they need to learn to get a job for each type of job.

The LSAT (Language Speaking Ability System) series is the world's only speech ability assessment system that uses AI to objectively measure foreign language speaking ability, and is available in ESAT (English), CSAT (Chinese), and JSAT (Japanese).

Speech Ability Training System

The system of LLabs is the most widely used speaking platform in the world. It is used by more than 4 million learners worldwide, including Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Brazil, and the United States.

After speaking, learners receive not only their scores, but also specific feedback on areas for their improvements. The patented technology "Automatic Speech Analysis System (ASAS ©)" provides pinpoint advice on how to improve each individual's speech.

The cloud service is compatible with multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones, as well as PCs, so learners can study anytime, anywhere. This convenience of being able to study whenever and as much as you want greatly contributes to learners' continuous learning.

In addition to MyET (English), MyCT (Chinese) and MyJT (Japanese) are available.

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